"The age of security as pure technology is long past, and modern practitioners need to understand the social and cognitive aspects of security if they are to be successful." ~Shostack and Stewart

New York Digital Forensics (NYDF) is a New York City based business consisting of modern and passionate Information Security professionals who subscribe to this notion of the "New School of Information Security". Aside from understanding the psychology behind sophisticated cyber criminals, we also posses the technical knowledge, experience and drive to deter them.

Collectively we are certified in every area of Information Security. From Certified Ethical Hackers to Certified Wireless Security Professionals, we bring a sense of integrity, safety and confidence to our clients. Additionally, we bring real-world experience to every area of our skill set. We have worked in the I.T medical field, private sector forensic field and with computer crimes law enforcement investigators. What separates us from the rest is our ability to apply the same approach real world hackers use to compromise you, but to protect you instead.

We provide a wide variety of unique services in several categories as a result of market demands. Our clients are frequently small businesses as well as individuals who have a critical need of keeping their computers and online activities highly secure and confidential.